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Chat now. Psychic or fortune teller with crystal ball and horoscope zodiac sign of cancer.


Location: Los Angeles. I was in fun vacation mode, and whenever I see this type of situation my curiosity is instantly stimulated. I want to know if the fortune teller could reveal anything my hardcore metaphysical friends can't. Plus, I truly enjoy seeing the process of how a psychic works. Her specialty appeared to be Palm Reading, and this is an area I know nothing about. I do know Astrology, of course, and you can get my Big Picture Love Forecast to find out how the planets will influence your love life in the coming year.

Gypsy love horoscope for Zodiac Signs!

The psychic was an attractive woman wearing a long, purple summer dress. I greeted her with an open smile and asked for the special reading that was advertised outside on the sign. She invited me to sit down and asked if I was right- or left-handed.

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I told her I was right-handed, and she took my right hand, closed her eyes and inhaled a deep, cleansing breath. When she opened her eyes she proceeded to tell me about my life line.

'Mommy Dead and Dearest': Gypsy Blanchard testifies about boyfriend killing mom

It revealed a strong lifespan -- up to the age of approximately Ok, good to know. I smiled. She then looked into another line and began to tell me about my personality.

She saw extraordinary strength of character. She went on for about two or three minutes, spouting off various things about me, and then looked up and asked me if I had any questions.

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I asked her a question, directly related to information she brought up in the reading. I was confused. I asked why she asked me if I had any questions if her response was only going to be that she needed to charge me more money. She defensively stated that the reading I purchased was only a character analysis and if I wanted more information it would be more money.

For the zodiac cancer

As a metaphysical practitioner, I was incredibly upset at her lack of professional ethics. To invite someone in for a reading and then bait them to upgrade while you're in the middle of another reading is despicable.

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If she had explained what the session entailed and told me from the beginning that additional insight or questions would be a different type of reading, I might have upgraded on the spot -- before our session began. That would have been the ethical way to do business. But no, instead she chose to reel me in.

She put her client in a position of vulnerability and she misused her power. I got up from my chair, thanked her for her time and said: "I'm sorry, I had questions, but like you said in my reading I am the curious type. She gave me a phony smile -- the kind that doesn't meet your eyes. Her response was "Oh, that's OK. This special reading was only meant to be a character horoscope reading. I was about to leave peacefully, but when she used the word horoscope in a sentence for a palm reading, I lost it.